6 Incredibly Easy Methods for Cleansing and Charging Crystals

A practical guide

Crystals are beautiful sacred living beings in their own right, and as with all sacred things, they require proper care.

“In a crystal, we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being.” — Nikola Tesla

Imagine a crystal as a tiny sponge, absorbing and interacting with neighboring energies as it travels its path. Even a crystal gets around! If you purchase a crystal from a local shop, it’s not hard to speculate the places and people it’s come across along the way.

Many shop owners purchase crystals from around the globe. The one you buy may have been dug up in the Philippines from miles underground. It passed through several hands, making its way simply to the airplane. It was unloaded, photographed, packaged, and resold in bulk. Every single place and the person it came in contact with affected its energy.

By the time your crystal, at last, reaches your warm embrace, it’s had quite a long and tiring journey. Its energetic vibration needs to be rebalanced, and any negative energy it has absorbed needs to be cleared, restoring its natural energy.

Below, I’ve organized my six favorite methods for not only clearing but charging crystals. It’s important to note that crystals can be damaged if not properly cared for. For example, certain crystals are delicate or porous and should never come in contact with water or any other liquid. It’s also worth mentioning that various crystals are light sensitive. Amethyst is a great example as its vivid purple color will fade if exposed to sunlight.

6 easy methods for clearing and charging crystals

1. Smoke Burning sage is a gentle and relaxing practice. I burn sage for my home and crystals weekly. In addition to it having a lovely scent, it’s a powerful tool. The Latin word for sage is salvia stemming from the word heal.

The power of sage smoke isn’t merely a myth. When it’s burned, sage releases negative ions in the air. Anthony Fleg, MD, and assistant professor of family and community medicine at the University of New Mexico, says, “It is seen to metaphysically un-cling the things that cling to us that are no longer needed — spiritually, mentally, and physically. … Almost the way a sponge can cleanse things from you that are stuck to you.” Sage smoke has the ability to clear up to 94% of airborne bacteria, cleaning the air.

So, give sage burning a whirl! There are several varieties, but I’m partial to white sage. It’s common practice to burn sage in an abalone shell. The sage embers will become very hot and potentially crack or shatter glass and pottery. Also, be sure to properly ventilate the room you’re burning sage in… crack opens a window or door to let the excess smoke escape.

“You can't buy happiness, but you can buy crystals and that’s kind of the same thing.” — Anonymous

2. Moonlight Moonlight is a beautifully romantic way to both cleanse and charge crystals… ideally that of a full moon. Simply gather your crystals on a tray or safe surface and set them out overnight to absorb the moons naturally healing energy.

Don’t worry f it’s an overcast night. Clouds won’t affect the ability of the light and energy of the moon to reach and penetrate the crystals. Be sure to bring your crystals back inside early in the morning. It’s alright to let crystals soak up a bit of sunlight, but overexpose is never good. Remember, crystals grow underground for a reason. 3. Sunlight Sunlight can be good in moderation. Just like people, crystals enjoy the warmth of the sun. Sometimes I’ll gather a few of my favorite crystals and set them on the windowsill for a few hours. You want to be careful not to overexpose crystals to the sun. Imagine you've just spent a long day at the beach. Too much sun can have a draining effect on both our bodies and crystals. 4. Sound I absolutely adore singing bowls. My favorite is Tibetan singing bowls from the Himalayas. The older ones always seem to resonate longer and more deeply. I purchased two that once belonged in an old Buddhist temple in the Himalayas. Tibetan bowls are made to sing by striking the rim with a felt-covered wooden mallet, ten slowly running the mallet along the outside of the bowl rim, gradually gaining momentum and drawing out the beautiful tone. My bowls are small enough to be held in the palm of my hand. Their frequency can be felt vibrating from the bowl, down the wrist, and into the rest of the body. Each Tibetan bowl sings at a specific frequency that correlates with a chakra. Any form of positive sound therapy is wonderful for clearing and charging crystals, but pairing up the color of the crystal with the corresponding chakra color and frequency renders absolutely amazing results.

5. Chakra Frequencies

  • Root Chakra, Frequency: 396 Hz.

  • Sacral Chakra, Frequency: 417 Hz.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra, Frequency: 528 Hz.

  • Heart Chakra, Frequency: 639 Hz.

  • Throat Chakra, Frequency: 741 Hz.

  • Third Eye Chakra, Frequency: 852 Hz.

  • Crown Chakra, Frequency: 963 Hz.

6. Salt Salt is a natural cleanser. It’s added to b