Updated: Sep 15, 2020

If the air in your home is feeling a bit heavier these days- it may be time to consider clearing out the old energies and welcoming in new. Everything is made up of energy. Just as a balanced diet and exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a positive energy flow is critical to our well-being. Getting in the habit of clearing out negative and chaotic energy even once a month can make a home feel brighter, happier… and lighter.

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4 telltale signs that It’s time to clear a spaces energy:

  1. When you’re just flat out feeling sick and drained: Negative energy can manifest itself in the physical realm. It’s important to revive your space with fresh energy especially if you’re beginning to feel under the weather or after recovering from any ailment.

  2. If major changes in your life are happening: Selling or buying a home, welcoming in a new baby, getting married, grieving the loss of a loved one or even bringing home a new pet can all be cause to make room for new energy.

  3. After a breakup or argument with your partner: We all say things in the heat of the moment, whether we mean them or not. Anger, jealousy, frustration, pain and all the incredibly complex feelings that go along with loving impact us physically and emotionally. The old saying “Never go to bed angry” holds true. Clear the air… literally.

  4. If you’re feeling in a rut: If your lofty goals seem to be fading in the distance and even the tiniest successes slip through your fingers, you’re falling head first into a funk. Call it a bad day, bad week or month. We’ve all been there. Negative energy in your home may be fanning the flames of despair.

10 Easy Steps For Getting Rid of Negative Energy

1. First and foremost let’s talk some sage wisdom.

Every home should have a few sage smudge sticks laying around. Burning herbs is an age old tradition for clearing impurities practiced all around the world. Sage is a popular choice and easy to work to with. Sage leaves are harvested, dried and bundled. The use of sage for clearing negative energy is often called smudging… hence the name smudge stick. To sage a space, place your sage bundle or loose dried leaves in a fire-safe container. I love to use a large abalone shell. Light the sage until you see a flame, then gently blow it out. The bright embers will make a billowing smoke. Walk room to room allowing the smoke to fill even the smallest corners. I find it helpful to say a few words during my saging such as “Cleanse this space of all negativity and fill it with light and love”. If you are doing it right… you should feel goose-bumps as the actually energy of the space begins to shift!

2. Set an intention for your space.

Speak your desires into reality. How would you like your space to feel? For example, I like to clear my home office each week. I’ll speak my intention out loud asking for all negativity to be released, for light to fill the room. I ask that love, creativity and warmth fill the space. Perhaps you need to release the negative energy of an ex roommate or the energetic tensions lingering from an argument. Sit quietly in the room and speak the intentions you wish from your heart and feel the change begin.

3. Bring in some green friends.

Plants are awesome healers! Not only do they help to literally clean the air of impurities, they are great companions. A little greenery can instantly change the atmosphere of a space bringing tranquility and an organic calm.

4. Get organized.

Physical clutter is a symptom of our mental and emotion state. If you’re starting to feel bogged down… take a quick look around. Is your house in disarray? You’d be surprised what a good ole fashioned cleaning can accomplish. Take stock of what you need and what’s been holding you back. Make a donation pile for the local Salvation Army, clear out old mail and receipts that have been piling up, open the windows and let the fresh breeze run through.

5. Add stones and crystals to your décor.

Yayyy crystals! I absolutely adore these little gems of the earth. Odds are you already have a few and if you don’t… now is the perfect excuse to splurge. Certain stones and crystals carry healing vibrational properties. Amethyst is well known for its calming ability. Rose quartz attracts love. Black tourmaline protects and chases away negativity like a boss. An added bonus, these natural beauties make wonderful additions to any décor. Be sure to scatter a healthy dose of these little helpers throughout your space.

6. Mist away your woes.

Essential oils can be our best friends! There is a wide array of scents to choose from on the market today. A few of my favorite and more traditional are frankincense, lavender, jasmine, patchouli and cedarwood. Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for healing and well being. They can be very easy to work with for beginners. Use them individually or mix and match! My go to is a frankincense infused bottle spray. A few spritzes in the air have me feeling right as rain and ready to take on the day. Grab yourself a table top diffuser, fill it with water and add a few drops of your favorite scent. Sit back, relax and enjoy as the air gently takes on the calming fragrance.

7. Burn your favorite incense.

Native to South America, Palo Santo wood can be used similarly as sage. Palo Santo or Bursera Graveolens, is believed by locals and many yogis to carry mystical traits. In fact, its literal translation means “Holy Wood”. Palo Santos aroma is a heavenly rich scent similar to Myrrh and Frankincense.

8. Mind over matter.

Meditation can be one of the most powerful ways to manifest our reality. Sit quietly in your space using your own energy to bring about positive change. Close your eyes and envision your surroundings being softly enveloped with beautiful light. Imagine the negativity being pushed out by the fresh luminous rays as you project love, happiness and clarity into the space. Breath deeply focusing on your intention as you sit. There’s no set time for this exercise. Instead allow your own intuition to guide you!

9. Hang wind chimes.

Borrow the age old practice of feng shui and harness the power of vibration. The subtle music of wind chimes and the ringing of bells can be used to vibrate negative energy back into positive alignment. Similarly, singing bowls are used in Tibetan meditations and ceremonies. Yoga sessions will commonly incorporate om tingsha bells to help students clear negative blockages and realign the chakras.

10. Bring salt into the recipe.

Folks have been using salt since the Roman empire for anything from a disinfectant to currency. Bring your salt out of the kitchen giving it double duty! Place a thin line of salt at your front doors entrance, along window sills or along the perimeter of your home. Dissolve a pinch of sea salt in a spray bottle and mist any space that starts to feel a bit heavy. I absolutely adore Himalayan salt lamps! These should be a welcomed addition to every room in your home or office. They cleanse the air absorbing toxins and bring a warm glow to any atmosphere.

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