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JME Golob is a freelance writer from Detroit, Michigan. An avid traveler and creative spirit, she publishes reviews of her latest adventures and cutting-edge articles exploring design trends, the arts and bohemian culture. 

Early on in her career Golob had the honor of serving as Education Director for the Lee County Alliance for the Arts located in Fort Myers, Florida. Collaborating with creative minds both locally and internationally she curated award winning visual, literary and performing arts programming. Golob is herself a published and award winning fine artist honored for her exemplary work in Strokes of Genius 9: Creative Discoveries, published by North Light Books. 


Her unique insight into the lives and intricacies of creatives inspires her literary documentation of what it means to truly be in love with life. The pursuit of joy in both the usual and unusual is more than a lovely thought in her articles. Whether you're finding the inspiration to take a leap of faith in love or reinventing your home decor, there's a little something for everyone at Think you don't have a green thumb? Wonder why the Egyptians loved crystals? Learn to make hummus, get in on the best bed and breakfast in Texas, find out what gold fish and ballerinas have in common... never stop wandering... and always always feel connected to something bigger than yourself.


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