Nearly a Londoner

O’Canada … last night a group of us went to the Paternoster pub in London for our first Canadians in London Experience. It’s inevitable that you crave things from home when they are no longer at your convenience. Mark, the organizer, worked closely with the head chef to create an authentic Canadian menu. We shared a few plates of pierogies with smoked bacon & sour cream, a poutine with real cheese curds and ended with a scrumptious beavertail covered in cinnamon. We washed it down with a caesar, which I have been craving since the summer, although at a whopping 9 pounds each, which was a little steep, they hit the spot nicely along side some delicious craft London beers. Mark also organized a live musician named Charley, who is currently a contender on BBCs The Voice, who was incredible and sang us some Canadian gems from Alanis Morissette to Justin Bieber. All in all it was an amazing night enjoying a little taste of home alongside great company.

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