Simple Yet Satisfying

The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water!

I have been drinking warm lemon water every morning for the past few years and the reason behind this daily habit are worth sharing. This inexpensive, simple, natural concoction has many health benefits for you.

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The Big Move…

The Big Move …. HOME! This time when my visa was coming to expiration I made the executive decision it was time to move back home regardless of the amazing sponsorship offers I received through my employers. I didn’t make this decision because I didn’t love living abroad and that I didn’t appreciate the life I had worked so hard to create with my new London family but because I wanted to be closer to my immediate family and to start building a true home base (not quite sure what that means yet, but stay tuned while I figure it out). I also absolutely LOVE and missed Canada. This is and will always be HOME <3 Canadian flag

It was quite a daunting decision to move back home, my anxiety was through the roof and my mind was on overdrive. You might be asking how could it be when I was moving back to familiarity, I was moving home, I would be surrounded by loved ones. You are absolutely right, it would be familiar, but so much has changed within myself and the life I left behind four years ago. Everyones lives continued on, I missed out on a lot of crazy life events. Friends got married, some relationships ended, triumphs, deaths, careers changing, children were blessing many of their lives and sadly many friendships were lost through the distance. One of my biggest worries was where would I fit back into the puzzle? What would I do for a career? Where would I live? What would my life be like? I was so comfortable with the life I had created in London that now I was anxious about life I would have to recreate in Canada. This is a completely natural feeling, these were the same worries I had before moving to Australia and England but this time it would be that much easier because I already had the hardest part of moving somewhere figured out. Gosh isn’t the mind so powerful when it over thinks and wants to create havoc in our lives. I have never been able to predict what the future would be like (I don’t think anyone is) because lets be honest it hasn’t even happened yet. I just needed to trust in my decision that is was the right one, to give it time, to be patient, to breathe and to just let life unfold how it was going to. And today that is exactly what I am doing. I have been teaching overseas for 3 years and although it is quite easy to find work around the world I have heard it is quite difficult to get on the supply list in Ontario let alone a permanent position so for the time being my old employer has graciously offered me my old position back, which was a lifesaver. I spent a little more than expected on my 3 month travel on my way home so I needed to get that bank account back up as soon as I could. Thankfully my parents have welcomed me back into their home with open arms until I get my feet back on the ground and I can honestly say I am happily settling back into a normal routine day by day. It is amazing what happens when you just take a step back, trust your gut, breathe, have patience and let life refold into something amazing. As humans we have the ability to create the lives we deserve and make us truly happy. This time around I don’t have an entirely blank life canvas, it already has so many great things painted on it and for that I am so grateful and so excited to keep creating the best life for me in Canada. There truly is no place like home <3

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